Planning and supporting your goji plantation

Since 2012, we have been cultivating goji berries on our own 120,000 m² farm and therefore we can give you the best support from the practice. You will receive from us young plants in the pot, which will already have fruits in the first year. We will show you how to cultivate and cut the plants so that you can get high quality goji berries and get the best harvest yields.

Why us?

We are one of the first and greatest goji growers in Europe. Since 2012, we have successfully operated our Goji Farm in Andalusia. Since 2013, we have been selling our fresh goji berries in Europe with growing sales. In 2015, we started with our own production of Goji juice, which we produce exclusively from our European goji berries.

If not us, who then should know how to build successfully a Goji Farm?

Benefit from our experience
  • in the construction of the Farm
  • the irrigation
  • the care of the Goji plants
  • the annual cut of the plants
  • picking the berries
  • the further processing of the goji berries
  • the marketing of goji berries
  • of all the certificates you need
  • etc, etc, etc

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Why do we support you?

You will wonder why we builds up our competition. We do not see you as a competitor but as a partner in the future. We believe that the market for european goji berries is still in its infancy. The potential of pure European Goji products in the best quality is by no means exhausted. Therefore, we are convinced that we still need a lot of co-workers to serve the demand in the future.

We produce and commercialize the first pure European goji juice, since 2015.

The demand grows annually, too. In the coming years, we will still need many goji berries of farms which have the same varieties as us and the same high quality claims.

Contact us

If you are interested in your own Goji Farm, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.